Case Study

John Krol for Mayor

Brand Design, website design & development

Empowering Politicians to Make a Meaningful Digital Impact

Partnering with John Krol to craft a digital presence that ignites conversations and drives action.  While politics may not be the most universally loved subject, collaborating with someone like John, who genuinely cares about making a positive impact, brings a sense of purpose to the task.

Project Challenges

The project presented several challenges that required careful navigation and efficient management. Firstly, working with someone who time is in high demand like John meant coordinating schedules and finding optimal times for discussions and feedback. Balancing his commitments and our project timelines required effective communication and flexibility.

To address these challenges, open and frequent communication with John was essential. Regular check-ins, clear expectations, and well-defined milestones helped manage the project efficiently. Adhering to a detailed project timeline and maintaining a collaborative approach allowed us to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

strategy and process

Flexibility played a crucial role in adapting to the client’s evolving needs and accommodating their busy schedule. We remained agile throughout the project, ensuring that our team was readily available to address any changes or updates required. This flexibility allowed us to align our work with the client’s preferences and make adjustments as necessary.

In terms of design, we took the approved design proofs and created templates that served as the foundation for the website. These templates ensured consistency and reflected the desired aesthetic while also allowing for efficient webpage building. These templates helped to expedite the development process while maintaining the integrity of the design.

the result

The cohesive and informative nature of the final product allows visitors to navigate the website seamlessly and access the information they need effortlessly. The positive impact is felt as users engage with the content, absorb the key messages, and understand the client’s mission, goals, and values.

Overall, our strategy’s successful implementation has resulted in a body of work that not only showcases a cohesive design but also effectively communicates the client’s message. The website has a positive impact by engaging users, providing valuable information, and leaving a lasting impression that resonates with the intended audience.

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