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Create a brand for someone who has been an inspiration to you for over a decade? Put away your ego and put on your listening ears. It’s time to shine.

Creating a brand for someone you admire requires a balance of humility and active listening. It involves putting aside personal biases and ego to truly understand and appreciate their unique qualities. By actively listening to their aspirations, values, and preferences, you can gain valuable insights that guide the brand creation process. This approach allows you to authentically capture their essence, personality, and professional style, ensuring the brand resonates with both the individual and their target audience. It’s a collaborative journey where their vision takes center stage, and your role is to translate it into a tangible brand that reflects their admiration-worthy qualities.

Project challenges

The task of developing the branding and WordPress website design for Amy Keach Consulting was an extraordinary opportunity. Amy’s exceptional reputation as a top project manager for renowned ad agencies in Connecticut and her mentoring of esteemed executives made this endeavor all the more significant. We eagerly embraced the challenge, fully aware of the level of expertise and expectation involved, and were motivated to create a branding and website solution that would do justice to Amy’s illustrious career.

process & Strategy

Amy’s exceptional professional style, masterfully blending professionalism and a delightfully dark satirical twist, served as our guiding light throughout the strategy and design process. We embarked on a profound journey of discovery, employing a meticulously crafted questionnaire to unveil the nuances that made Amy truly one-of-a-kind. Equipped with these invaluable insights, we channeled our creative prowess to forge a brand and website design that effortlessly reflected Amy’s professional persona, capturing the essence of her unique and enchanting blend of satire and elegance.

the result

The final creation was a logo that struck a chord deep within Amy’s being, evoking a sense of love and adoration. It became a symbol that truly represented her essence and became the visual cornerstone of her brand. Moreover, the website we thoughtfully constructed not only serves as an effective advertising tool but also offers a wealth of educational resources for Amy’s esteemed clients, solidifying its position as a multifaceted platform.

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